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WAGB2018 Event Coins

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WA Goes BIG 2018 Event Coins


Two different coin versions this year, in two different colours of Red (gold finish) and Blue (silver finish).


This year our coins feature a silhouette of a Blue Tongued lizard


Wiki tells us...


 “The western blue-tongued lizard grows to around 45 cm in length. It has a brown, banded pattern across the body and tail; the underside of the body is usually pale. It has distinctive black markings to the rear of each eye. The body is wide and large in comparison to the size of the legs. As its name suggests, it has a blue tongue, which contrasts with the pink interior of its mouth. When threatened, it may open its mouth and stick out its tongue in a threat display. If the initial display is unsuccessful, and the predator or threat does not retreat, it may hiss and flatten out its body in an attempt to make itself look bigger.”


 This year we have limited stocks available, so make sure you get in quick. Once they are gone they're gone!


A percentage will be available with a Proxy coin for an additional fee that has the same trackable number as your geocoin. You can activate the coin and send out the Proxy coin to travel, clocking up the Ks for you.


All event coins have a unique tracking number engraved on the outside edge along with the usual “Track me at


Pick Up is at the WA Goes BIG 2018 Event in Dunsborough**



Delivery can be arranged after the event if required .


Interstate and overseas purchases for coins and other merchandise is available

Please proceed through the checkout and pay for your cart purchases

## Please send us a message via the shop letting us know you are not attending##

Just prior to the event we shall process your order and get actual cost of Postage and Packaging, then request the additional charge via direct deposit